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International Expert Consultant

Prof. Hegarty is a highly respected expert witness with 15 years of experience in medicolegal cases involving pain. He provides reports for both medical negligence and personal injury claims, with 80% of his instructions coming from claimants and 20% from defendants. He specialises in various areas of pain management, including neuropathic pain, whiplash injury, chronic pain syndromes, and more. He's given many lectures on the topic and has extensive experience in report writing.
Additionally, Prof. Hegarty's expertise in multi-disciplinary pain management and long-term cost analysis on an individual basis make him a valuable asset in complex cases.

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20 years of clinical experience
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Multi-million euro award cases
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Understands the need of the legal teams to assist the court
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Assisted the most prestigious leading law firms and worked with some of the world’s largest insurance groups
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Clear, Uncomplicated Reports

Professor Hegarty is highly regarded for providing clear and valuable medical reports, even in complex cases. He includes a clinical overview, cost analysis, and rehabilitation costing as needed, and compares clinical progress in follow-up reports. He uses up-to-date evidence-based literature and 16 years of clinical expertise to assist the court. He has been called on to provide independent analysis for pre-trial due diligence and to help the court in complex cases. His reports have been praised by judges, barristers, and solicitors as some of the best they've seen, and have helped clients achieve favourable outcomes and avoid costly legal proceedings.
Types of reports:

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Personal Injury
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Medical Negligence
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Income protection review
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Occupational Health Assessments
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Court Attendance, International Speaker

As a respected and experienced expert witness, Professor Hegarty is available to attend court and provide his expertise to assist the proceedings. With his international reputation as a speaker in his field, he can make substantial contributions and provide clear information. He conducts pre-proceeding consultations with Senior Council to ensure his attendance is productive.
Professor Hegarty's contribution in court has been known to make a significant impact on the outcome of cases. He has a deep understanding of complex medical issues and can communicate them in a clear and concise manner. His impartiality and ability to present his opinions in a way that benefits the court is a testament to his professionalism.

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Prof. Hegarty is a well-recognised international speaker in his field
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Pre-proceeding consultations with Senior Council.
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Contribute substantially to the proceedings with clear information as required.
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Additional Services

Prof. Hegarty is prepared to meet to discuss the details of his report in advance with Senior Council in order to clarify any concerns before proceedings.Where a court attendance or pre-proceeding consultations are required solicitors are advised to contact the office directly well in advance to make the appropriate arrangements.

Areas of Expertise

Particular areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

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Neuropathic pain particularly related to trauma
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Chronic cervical / neck injury and pain associated with Whiplash injury
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Chronic lower back pain syndromes
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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
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Phantom limb pain and Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome
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Multi-disciplinary pain management
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Long-term management and cost analysis on an individual basis

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For further information about any matters concerning expert witness or medico legal matters contact our office manager Jean Kelly (PA).

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“The ability of Prof. Hegarty to analyse and provide a comprehensive review of the records together with an opinion that can be relied upon is second to none.”

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Managing Partner Legal Firm

“The comprehensive report provided assisted in negotiations to such an extent that a favourable outcome was achieved for our client saving extensive and costly legal proceeding”

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Senior Council

“My clients and I are very grateful to Dr. Hegarty in the way he provided expert assistance in this very difficult and challenging case.”

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High Court Judge

“In my judgement, Dr Hegarty was an excellent expert witness.”

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