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First European Pain Centre to Launch Get Ready™

Pain Relied Ireland is proud to announce that it is the first European Pain Management centre to provide an integrated Health solution with Medtronic.

The Get Ready™ platform is a digital remote patient management solution for truly connected care that aims to optimise the entire care pathway, from referral to post-intervention follow-up.

Over the years a strong partnership between the Mater Private Hospital, Medtronic and Pain Relief Ireland has been in place. Medtronic’s Integrated Health Solutions (HIS) team led Get Ready® demonstrations and showed the hospital’s stakeholders how the solution could be tailored to address their challenges. “Get Ready’s® flexibility to deliver the requirements for the clinical pathway and how the platform could support patients through a potentially complex course of treatment was a key reason we have worked to bring this as part of our service” according to Prof. Dominic Hegarty (Clinical Director, Pain Relief Ireland).

“The opportunity to develop a progressive integrated and innovated pain management platform is here and we are delighted to be able to bring this into our practise”, so says Prof. Dominic Hegarty. As a keynote speaker at the annual Private Hospital Association (PHA) Annual Conference, held at Croke Park last week, Prof Hegarty echoed the opinion of other key healthcare leaders in the field and went on to demonstrate the potential such engagement could deliver.

Bhavesh Barot (Regional Vice Prisedent Medtronic) and Niamh McLoughlin (Manager, Medtronic Ireland) attended the presentation last week at the Private Hospitals Association Conference 2022 where the model was highlighted for the first time. “As platinum sponsors of the event, it was our pleasure to invite guest speaker Professor Dominic Hegarty, who is using Get Ready® to support pain management patients in the Mater Private Network Hospital in Cork. Professor Hegarty explained how partnering with Medtronic enabled him to improve patient care using digital pathways to support patients before and after their pain interventions” said Mr. Barot (Regional VP Medtronic).

Mr Jim Daly (CEO, PHA) highlighted the need to ensure a robust partnership across the healthcare and the role that private hospitals can play in the future proofing of healthcare in Ireland. Partnership and quality was the theme of the conference.

Expected Impact

“This is an outstanding day for patient care in the area of Pain Management in Cork,” stated Professor Hegarty upon launching Get Ready. “It is not only a national first but it is right up there on the international front as well.”

As a result of deploying the solution, patients will become key stakeholders in their treatment, and they will be able to take a more active role in getting ready for their intervention and providing regular feedback on their progress. This patient empowerment and preparedness could:

  • Reduce clinic time
  • Reduce administrative time
  • Reduce the number of consultations throughout the pathway
  • Reduce the overall length of a patients route to pain therapy
  • Enable the clinical team to take actions based on the automated provision of information and monitoring mechanisms accessible on the platform

By using innovation, partnership and technology Pain Relief Ireland has shown the importance of having the patient as the focus of the management plan and we are looking forward to seeing a positive experience in the weeks and months ahead for our patients.

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